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Ms. Knits: February 2005

Saturday, February 26

New LYS! Yay!

There is an awesome new yarn store that opened up in my neighborhood recently, and I finally got a chance to go check it out last night. Babetta's Yarn & Gifts is such a neat store, and the ladies working there (Babetta and her daughter, Maya) were really nice. The best part about the store is that they carry a lot of yarns that I *love*, but haven't been able to find locally. They also carry Addi Turbos in a full range of sizes. Yay! They also offer a lot of classes - even some spinning classes, which sound really interesting.

I mostly managed to restrain myself at the store, but couldn't resist buying some sock yarn and some smaller DPNs (size 2 & 3). Sorry, but no pictures of the yarn today...

No knitting today either, unfortunately. I'll be spending the better part of the day at a BarBri review session for the MPRE exam, which I'm taking in two weeks. I could definitely think of better things to do on a Saturday. (like knitting!)

Thursday, February 24

Long time, no knit

It's been a crazy week, and I haven't touched my knitting or my blog since Monday. Working full time and going to school at night really puts a damper on my hobbies! Not to mention the rest of my life. I'm hoping to pick up on Honeymoon again tomorrow, and hopefully finish the left front and back.

Next week is spring break (woohoo!), so I'll have my evenings free. I'm looking forward to seeing my husband every night for a whole week, going to the gym, and of course, knitting.

In other news, I've been tagged by Amanda. Thanks Amanda! I'll be following up on this later today or tomorrow when I go home and figure out the status of the Tivo and comcast DVR... I don't turn on the TV much during the week these days!

Monday, February 21

Not sure about the color...

I ordered 12 skeins of KnitPicks Andean Silk in Lettuce to make the Adrienne Vitadinni sweater from the Winter 04/05 VK magazine. Today I finally decided to play with the yarn and knitted up my gauge swatch. My gauge is right on, but I haven't decided if I like the color or not, especially for this particular sweater. It is a little brighter green than I expected.

I absolutely love the yarn though! The swatch is so soft! I need to block the swatch to see what blocking does to the yarn before I start the sweater (if I decide to make it, that is). Thoughts on the color, anyone?

Sunday, February 20

My first sock!

I made my first sock this weekend! I wasn't planning on knitting socks for a while, but I was digging through my stash and found 3 skeins of Stahl Big Print wool. I have no idea why I chose this funky colorway when I bought the yarn... I think I was going to make some slippers. I did a quick Google search, and found this pattern. Socks sounded like an interesting project, so off to the yarn store I went to buy my first two sets of DPNs!

And two days later, here is what I had...

Now, to muster up the motivation to make sock #2...

Fiber Trends Sheep Tote

I made the Fiber Trends Sheep Tote about a month ago so that I would have a bag to carry my knitting. I made it in Cascade 220 Tweed, which felted wonderfully. I didn't do the needle felted sheep on the front of the bag though... DH thought the sheep were a little over the top! I guess I'll have to find another project to attempt needle felting. Or, maybe I'll just make another sheep tote!!

Unfortunately I don't have any post-felting pictures, but will try to post some soon.

Friday, February 18

My so called scarf

Just a quick picture of "My So Called Scarf", made with Manos del Uruguay in Wildflowers. Many thanks to sheep in the city for posting the pattern. I've gotten so many compliments on this scarf, and love wearing it.