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Ms. Knits: The honeymoon is over!

Friday, March 11

The honeymoon is over!

Long time, no blog! It has been a couple of crazy weeks for me... I really enjoyed spending my spring break at home two weeks ago, and got a lot done. I finished my honeymoon cami, and it fits great. I'm really happy with the way it turned out. I was a little worried that the stitches looked uneven, but then I steam blocked it and it really evened everything out. I may even get to wear it this weekend because it has been in the low 80's here this week.

I brought the almost finished cami to the local knitting guild meeting last week (my first time there), and I'm not sure the ladies liked it very much... One (old) woman asked me if I was going to wear anything under it, and said that it looked kind of skimpy and low cut! I couldn't believe that she blurted it out in front of everyone! I was really embarrassed. Then the lady next to her told her that she was just jealous that she couldn't wear anything like it anymore. It was quite a scene! I'm not sure that the knitting guild is a good fit for me, but I know I can learn a lot from the programs they offer. I will probably avoid the meetings from now on, unless there is a good program.

Last weekend I found out that an awesome unfinished wood furniture store was going out of business. DH & I bought a dresser and entertainment armoire there a couple of years ago and stained and finished them, and I love both pieces more than any of our other wood furniture. We decided to stop by the store and see if they had bedside tables to match our dresser. Unfortunately they didn't have the tables, but we did get a great deal on two adirondack chairs to go on my new brick patio in one corner of our yard. It looks kind of stark right now, but there should be a lot of plants blooming in a few weeks. We also bought a table to go in our entryway. The table is in the middle of the staining process, so I don't have any good pictures of it, but it is what I had been looking for for a long time.

I got assigned a secret pal for the bi-monthly KR Secret Pal program. I'm really excited to find some neat things for her. I found one thing today, but need to make a trip to the yarn store to find a few more things before I can send off my package. I also have gotten some nice e-mails from my own pal - she sounds like she's going to be an awesome pal. :) I can't wait to recieve whatever surprises are in store for me!

The MPRE exam is tomorrow, and I'm taking a study break right now... I should probably hit the books again. Yuck. I'm excited to get the exam over with because tomorrow night is my law school's annual Barrister's Ball (aka "law prom"), and DH and I are driving to the bay area after the test to go to the ball, then we are going to spend the day at the ocean on Sunday. Yay!


Blogger Stephanie said...

Holy cow, you've been busy! The honeymoon cami looks great and don't led those jealous ladies spoil your fun. It just goes to show you that knitting has something for all of us, regardless of our taste. I'm glad you had a nice spring break (is it that time already?) and I hope the MPRE goes well. The law ball (that's what it was called here) will be a nice way to unwind after a stressful day. Have a great time and don't feel guilty that you have a life other than updating your blog for my entertainment!

3/12/2005 6:56 AM  
Blogger Shhhh.... said...

Hi Cyndi
Just your secret pal checking in =)

Your cami is AWESOME and don;t you dare let anyone make you feel uncomfortable about wearing it. You look beautiful!

Congrats on your furniture finds. The chairs look great.

And while I realize how important your studying is, make sure to take some quality time for you =)

Back to the shadows;
your secret pal

3/12/2005 3:11 PM  
Blogger caitlyn said...

Hi Cyndi,
The Honeymoon Cami looks awesome on you! Great job!! =) I missed seeing you at KOTRT last Sunday...hope you have a great weekend!

3/12/2005 3:39 PM  
Blogger knit_chick said...

Your Honeymoon Cami turned out great!

3/14/2005 10:21 AM  

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