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Ms. Knits: I passed!

Tuesday, April 12

I passed!

My big news of the day is that I found out that I passed the MPRE exam, which I took just over a month ago. Woohoo! I was a little worried, because it was one of those tests that I walked out of and thought "aw, crap - guess I'll be retaking that in August." But, thanks to the gods of the weighted score I managed to pass with flying colors. That is one less thing for me to stress about.

Haven't had much time for knitting lately. School is kicking my butt right about now. I managed to get about halfway through the back of my lime green VK seed stitch shell over the weekend, but won't be touching it again until Friday. No pictures, but it is coming along nicely so far. The seed stitch is *killing* me though. Having to complete two throwing motions (English style) for each stitch seriously slows me down. But the fabric is turning out really nice and drapey. (is that a word?) I think I'm going to like it when it is finished.

The one thing that is keeping me from going insane with the seed stitch is my fabulous new Addi turbos. Why, oh why, did I not get these needles sooner? From now on, it is only Addis for me! After one row with the Addis, I was ready to get rid of burn my Clover bamboo circs. I like knitting with bamboo needles, but the cord on the clovers is so inflexible that I spend more time wrestling with the cord than knitting.

As I move from newbie knitter to intermediate, I keep learning more about what I like and don't like when it comes to knitting... here's a few examples:
Like Dislike
circulars (and DPNs are OK too). LOVE Addis! straight needles
natural fibers (wool, wool blends, cotton, etc) most acrylics, unless blended with a natural fiber or very soft to the touch... some novelty yarns are OK.
working with complicated stitch patterns, things that challenge me or teach me something new acres and acres of stockinette (or seed stitch or ribbing)
frogging because I figured out a different/better way to do something frogging because I made a silly mistake
knitting with small-ish needles (7 or less) knitting with honking huge needles (10.5 or more)

That's all for me tonight. Now off to read some mind numbingly boring enthralling cases from the Federal Circuit Court of Appeals. I'm sure those will put me to sleep in no time.


Blogger Stephanie said...

Woohoo on the MPRE - great going. What a relief. Now on to finals, when do they start? The more I knit the more I develop strong opinions on things I like and dislike too. Isn't it interesting how we're maturing in our craft.

4/13/2005 9:00 AM  
Blogger caitlyn said...

Congratulations on passing the MPRE!!! =) YAY! Aren't Addis great? It's hard to use anything else after trying them. I got pretty tired of knitting a double seed stitch scarf, though the plus side was that it was a great project to work on right before bedtime! Looking forward to seeing your seed stitch shell! Have a great week!

4/13/2005 10:39 AM  
Blogger Shhhh.... said...

CONGRATS Cyndi! Thats EXCELLENT news!!!

And as for your list? I agree with everything on it =)

Have a great day, and really enjoy your feeling of accomplishment - YOU DESERVE IT!!!!

4/14/2005 4:36 AM  
Blogger Lynette said...

Cyndi, congratulations about the exam! How about getting a new pair of Addi's to celebrate ;-)

I have to differ on the seed stitch part. I'm a fan of it but probably because I knit continental. Otherwise I agree with all your likes.

Hey, saw your note on my blog about possibly working for the same large company in FM...OMG...that would be crazy. Are you part of the company that got merged recently?

4/14/2005 6:33 AM  
Blogger Violet said...

Congrats on passing the MPRE! Always feels good when you pass a test :)

I love addis too. Pretty much all I ever use. Looking forward to seeing pictures when you have the chance to post them. I would really like to see that seed stitch shell.

4/16/2005 8:35 PM  

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