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Ms. Knits: Weekend update

Monday, May 16

Weekend update

The weekend went by way too fast! I can't believe it is Monday already.

On Friday afternoon, Todd came to pick me up at the airport, and he had flowers. For me! And I didn't even ask for them. What a great husband!

Then, we got home, and I had a card and a package waiting for me from my secret pal. I tore into the package and found this inside:

WOW! A beautiful tapestry tote for my knitting, a pattern book with some cute tank patterns (and lots more), knit wash, AND two skeins of Moda Dea sock yarn! I was so excited after I opened the box that I immediately sent off a thank you e-mail to my secret pal. She replied back, and mentioned that I should look in the front pocket of the bag too... it never occurred to me that there could be more goodies! So, I checked the front pocket and found this:

An adorable sheep ornament, hand balm (smells yummy), and a Godiva chocolate bar. Mmmmm... chocolate. Thanks, Secret Pal, for everything!

I transferred my projects from my ratty old company logo canvas tote into my fabulous new tapestry tote.

The blue project is my baby blanket, and the pink is my lace shawl. More on those later this week (must get through exams first!). I was so excited that both projects fit in the tote with lots of room to spare. Woohoo!

Saturday was spent going to nurseries, buying plants, and playing in the dirt. Here's a before picture from two weeks ago of my dogs laying in front of part of my flower garden border. A bunch of the plants in the border didn't survive the winter, so we replanted quite a few things, and also planted another garden in an area that was completely bare. Unfortunately I don't have any after pictures... I'll have to post those next weekend.

Sunday I spent the afternoon at a baby shower for a friend (oops... didn't get the blanket finished in time... luckily she was thrilled to receive a swatch for baby's scrapbook!). The shower was nice, but would have been better if the people who attended had left their children at home with dad or a sitter. It was so frustrating trying to visit with my friends while their kids were constantly screaming for attention. The kids really distracted everyone from the guest of honor, who has a limited number of childless days left herself! Has anyone else noticed a disturbing trend toward parents who insist on bringing their children everywhere with them, even when it is inappropriate? I'm not sure how to bring this up to my friends, considering I don't have kids and nearly all of them do. Maybe there's something about having kids that I don't understand, or won't be able to understand unless I experience it myself. Thoughts?


Anonymous justanothersecretpal said...

Hooray! Im so happy you liked the package and your card =) Im really gald I was able to give you a smile in the midst of all your stress right now, you need to take some down time, even if you dont think you can afford it - or at the very least, smell your hand balm alot LOL I find it very soothing ;-)

5/16/2005 4:39 PM  
Blogger Shhhh.... said...

Oops, I keep doing that - the above post is me, I lcikced other instead of the blogger account (Im tired, what can I say LOL)

5/16/2005 4:40 PM  
Blogger Stephanie said...

I don't have kids either, but am with you on the kids at inappropriate events thing. But I don't know how to fix it either. We didn't invite children to our wedding, but provided the name of a reputable baby sitter. Even with that, some people that I would have really liked to come didn't because they couldn't bring their children. Oh well, but it's disappointing anyway. Your SP went all out - it looks like you got wonderful things. A nice treat in the midst of finals. :)

5/17/2005 7:05 AM  
Anonymous Rebekah said...

What a great idea giving the mother a swatch of the garment, something they'll have probably a lot longer then the item itself.

I always give a little ball of yarn and a card with washing instructions, I think I'll start including a little swatch!

5/17/2005 11:08 AM  
Blogger Lynette said...

What a nice secret pal you have!

Hmm, yes, the kids thing. I don't have any children either but most of my friends have kids and it drives me a little nuts when the munchkins are screaming, running around while I try to have a conversation with their mother (or father). I guess it's different when you have kids of your own.

Hope the studying isn't driving you too crazy. Having an understanding husband helps a lot!

5/17/2005 6:17 PM  

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