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Ms. Knits: Change of plans

Thursday, June 2

Change of plans

I am so bummed! For the last two months I have been planning to attend tonight's local knitting guild meeting, had my schedule all arranged so I could go, and then ended up missing it.

It is usually hard for me to make it to the guild meetings because of my work and school schedules, but I promised several guild members who encouraged me to give the guild another try that I would be attending tonight's meeting. I also told Lynette that I would be there and was really looking forward to meeting both Lynette and Violet. (and seeing the intriguing neckband of Diane in person)

Alas, it was not meant to be. I got on a plane at 3:45 to head home in plenty of time for the meeting, and promptly after the plane was boarded, the lights dimmed and the air circulation turned off. Apparently, something had shut down and prevented the pilots from starting the engines... a "mechanical failure." I hate hearing those words when I am on a plane that is about to take off. Especially when the words "mechanical failure" and "engine" are in the same sentence!

The delay was supposed to be 5-10 minutes, but ended up being much, much longer. Thankfully I had my knitting with me, so I got nearly a whole repeat done on my lace shawl during the delay.

I got some interesting looks from other passengers on the plane as I was knitting. The man seated next to me was most interested:

"Is knitting the new thing to do now?"

"Um, well, I suppose. But it's not really a new thing. What do you mean?"

"Well, all of the women I know are knitting now or learning to knit. I thought that was something that only old ladies and grandmothers did."

"No, not really. Lots of different types of people knit. It is very relaxing actually, and a nice way to pass the time when you're, say, stuck on an airplane with a mechanical failure."

I was really at a loss for words. What do you say when people say things like that?

Anyway, huge apologies to Lynette and to those at the Guild whom I had told that I would be there. My absence was out of my control.


Blogger Shhhh.... said...

Im sorry you missed the meeting but I am happy you are home safe! Hopefully next month will work out better =)

Have a great weekend!

6/03/2005 4:17 AM  
Blogger Lynette said...

Cyndi, I can totally relate to the delay. Glad that the mechanical problem was discovered on the ground and not in the air! Plus, you got to work on your shawl.

No worries about the guild meeting. It was tame. I got some interesting advice on Diane, though. No one knew what to do about the neckband.

Maybe I'll see you Sunday at the socks class? If not, have a wonderful weekend!

6/03/2005 9:28 AM  
Anonymous Rebekah said...

I think you said the perfect thing. Ugh, I hate being stuck on a plane. It's the most uncomfortable place to be stuck, I'd much rather be stuck in a waiting room, I think the only place worse would be an elevator.

6/03/2005 12:43 PM  
Blogger caitlyn said...

Hi Cyndi,
Sorry to hear about the long delay and missing the guild meeting. Hope you have a relaxing weekend!
Take care1

6/03/2005 2:34 PM  

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