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Ms. Knits: No knitting news

Tuesday, June 7

No knitting news

Once again, it's a busy week, with no time for knitting... Yesterday after work, I met up with two of my best friends from school for dinner. We went to the beach in Santa Cruz, and had dinner at a neat restaurant with a great ocean view. Here's a picture of the beach taken from outside the restaurant - so pretty! I love spending time near the ocean, but don't get to the coast as often as I'd like.

Nothing much exciting to report today... work, school, and reading for class have filled every minute. [That's the downside to summer school - when there are only 8 people in the class, you pretty much have to read, because you ARE going to get called on in every class!]

I expect tomorrow to be the same - nothing exciting planned and not a stitch of knitting will get done. Thursday and Friday are vacation days - woohoo! To celebrate our 5 year anniversary (Friday), we're heading up to the Mt. Shasta/Lake Shasta area for a weekend of B&Bs, hiking, sightseeing, and relaxing, and NO computers, e-mail, or TV! Yay! As much as I love (and live) technology, I definitely crave time away from it all occasionally.

I doubt I'll get much progress made on my shawl this weekend, but I'm going to at least plan to work on it in the car. A less complex project might be better for car knitting though... perhaps I'll set aside the shawl and cast on for the front of SSS. Or my next pair of socks. Decisions, decisions!

I'll be back here on Monday with an update... until then, have a great week and a relaxing weekend.


Blogger Stephanie said...

What a pretty view. Have a wonderful anniversary and vacation. When you get back, e-mail me and we'll chat about paint (I haven't forgotten)

6/08/2005 8:19 AM  
Blogger Shhhh.... said...

Happy anniversary early - sounds like a lovely weekend for sure!

Sorry you're not getting in any knitting time, but the efforts towards school are worth it!

Go have a great relaxing weekend!!

6/08/2005 8:31 AM  
Blogger Lynette said...

Glad you are taking some time off. The Shasta area is beautiful, have a wonderful anniversary weekend.

6/08/2005 9:00 AM  
Anonymous Rebekah said...

What a beautiful picture, I miss the ocean so much at times. I used to get there at least once a year, but not so much anymore.

Have a great time.

6/08/2005 1:31 PM  

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