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Ms. Knits: Secret Pal Strikes Again!

Friday, July 1

Secret Pal Strikes Again!

Yesterday was a busy, busy day! I worked through lunch, until about 2:45pm, then got in the car to make the long drive home, so I could telecommute today and have a long 4 day weekend at home. The drive was awful - I narrowly avoided getting tangled up in a 3 car accident that was two cars in front of me [if I had been tailgating, I would likely not have been so fortunate... remember, always keep a safe distance between you and the car in front of you!], and I got home shortly after 6pm.

Then it was off to my very first Sacramento SnB night. I have been wanting to attend for months, and was finally able to fit it in to my schedule. I'm so glad I did! It was a blast. I got to see Caitlyn again, for the first time in months, and I met a LOT of awesome gals who were working on some really neat things (including Ruth, who also has a blog, and Christy, who lives really close to me!) - it was inspiring! I wish I had my camera there to take pictures. Unfortunately I won't be able to attend SnB regularly until March. (darn law school, getting in the way of my life again!) Oh, and I got a few rows of Tivoli done at SnB too. :)

When I got home, I tore open the package that had arrived from my KR Secret Pal, and she did an awesome job once again. Check out all this great stuff...

New Zealand Wool, relaxing on the couch.

Look closer - Isn't it great? It is just screaming out to be knit into something with cables. Scarf + hat? Cabled purse/clutch? Small cabled purse plus scarf? There's a lot of yarn here, I think I'll be able to make a couple of things - yay!

The whole package - notice the NZ wool, now in a ginormous center pull skein. I did that almost immediately after opening the package - I couldn't keep my hands off of it! I would have knit a swatch immediately, except it was really late by that time. It's killing me to have to work today rather than play with my new yarn. And look at the other goodies... KnitPicks dye your own merino (fun with koolaid, coming soon to Ms. Knits!), gorgeous Cherry Tree Hill Zebra Caribe cotton blend yarn in beautiful earthy shades of rust, blue, and brown (lace scarf? shawl? hmmm... must surf for patterns!), a fun book of knitting anecdotes, a cute purse notepad, a neat little sock coin purse, and a little tube of hand lotion.

Thanks Secret Pal!! I love everything!

Back to work... have a great day!


Blogger Stephanie said...

Wow, how fun! I haven't even thought about SP gifts yet. Yikes, I'd better get on that! Have a wonderful weekend.

7/01/2005 3:41 PM  
Blogger Shhhh.... said...

I'm thrilled you liked your gifts and cant wait to see your Kool Aid results and whatever you decide to make form the CTH & the NZ wool!

Have a great RELAXING holiday weekend!

7/01/2005 4:11 PM  
Blogger Ruth said...

what fun gifts!! btw, your yarns look really yummy (i love the colors) =)

7/05/2005 12:36 AM  

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