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Ms. Knits: Books vs. Yarn

Tuesday, August 9

Books vs. Yarn

School starts on Monday, so I bought my books yesterday... I'm planning to read all of my assignments this semester. Really. For $455, I'd better do a lot of reading! And that's for only three classes! Just think of all the yarn I could buy with $455... sigh.

I'm actually kind of excited to start school this semester, because it is my LAST semester! And, I only have classes on Tuesday and Thursday evenings from 4-9pm, which leaves Wednesday nights free to go Commuknity and knit. And, did I mention, it is my last semester!!! [can you tell that I'm excited to be done?]

Not much news on the knitting front - just a few more stripes completed on the socks. I should be able to start the toe tomorrow, and maybe even get it done. I discovered that I need to invest in a smaller crochet hook - my smallest is too big to use with sock yarn, and I had a terrible time trying to fix a dropped stitch. I ended up dropping a dozen stitches down 5 or 6 rows and reknitting them on smaller dpns. Luckily it worked, or I would have had quite a mess on my hands!


Blogger Lynette said...

Unless you are planning to keep your books, you should be able to sell them back when you're done, right? And *then* you can buy yarn! :-) A little delayed gratification to celebrate the end of the last semester! Yay!

I am envious that you are so close to yarn stores.

8/10/2005 7:27 AM  
Blogger Stephanie said...

Oh yes - the joys of law school books. Yikes. And I don't know about Ca, but here there's no market to resell books. I have all of my law school books in my office (and surprisingly, I use them once in awhile). Anyway, how exciting that it's your last semester. You can go on a yarn binge at the start of next semester when you don't have to buy books!

8/11/2005 7:49 AM  

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