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Ms. Knits: Pumpkins and Alpacas

Sunday, October 16

Pumpkins and Alpacas

Wow - thanks so much for all of the overwhelming compliments on Frieda! I really appreciate all of your kind words!

What could make for a more fun Sunday afternoon than pumpkins and alpacas? We set out on Sunday afternoon on our annual pumpkin hunting expedition in search of the perfect carving pumpkins for Halloween. [yes, we are serious about our pumpkins around here.] We bypassed the Amador county pumpkin patch where we usually stop, and ended up here - at a pick-it-yourself pumpkin patch! It was quite an exciting find, considering we were just driving down a random road enjoying the scenery of the foothills when we saw the signs.

We had a great time wandering through the field in search of the perfect pumpkin.

And speaking of pumpkins - did you see the fall knitty surprise? I LOVE these cute little felted pumpkins!

I also saw my first fall foliage of the season at the pumpkin patch. I love fall!

After leaving the pumpkin patch, we could either turn right and go back the way we came, or turn left and take a more circuitous route home. Guess which one we chose? Yep - left! And a few miles down the road I saw a sign for an alpaca ranch as we drove by it. But, Todd made a quick u-turn, and we stopped and visited the friendly alpacas at Retiredice Alpacas. Paige, the owner, was super nice and gave us a most awesome and informative tour of the barn and pasture.

Here are just a few of the 40 alpacas that we saw:

Thre were quite a few female alpacas with babies. Aren't these two cute?

Paige even brought one of the babies over for us to see up close. So adorable!

And, after visiting the alpacas, I couldn't resist a trip to the gift shop to buy this lovely yarn. 280 yards of pure alpaca, from one of Paige's alpacas.

She didn't spin this herself (one of her friends spins it for her), but is learning to spin and weave. Is 280 yards enough to make a pair of knit gloves? What does one knit with 280 yards of alpaca? Maybe a cabled scarf? You know, because I need so many warm scarves for our frigid CA winters. Ha! Any other ideas? I can always call her up and get more yarn from this alpaca... hmmm....

After our wonderful day trip out to the country, I'm now trying to figure out how we can buy an acreage somewhere rural, raise alpacas, and have a big pumpkin patch and maybe a vineyard. Maybe someday.

Tomorrow I'll answer Jeanie's question - now that Frieda's over, what's up next?

PS - a shout out to my awesome secret pal (Knitter's Review SP) - she sent me a fabulous package with lots of fun halloween candy (pumpkin peeps - neato!), cookies and some glow-in-the dark vampire fangs. Any guesses as to why there are no pictures? :-)


Blogger Lynette said...

What a fun Sunday afternoon! Um, what are the directions to the alpaca farm? :-)

10/18/2005 8:42 AM  
Anonymous Rebekah said...

Sounds like a wonderful day, we live in pumpkin central, okay maybe not pumpkin central, but there are many a pumpkin patches around our little town. It's fun to see them dotting the hilside. And I'm incredibly jealous you got to hold that baby alpaca, must visit the alpaca farm near my home sometime soon.

10/18/2005 9:09 AM  
Blogger Ruth said...

how fun!! those alpacas are so adorable!! i love this time of year (fall). have you made a trip to apple hill yet?

10/18/2005 11:47 AM  
Blogger Stephanie said...

What a fun outing. Yummy alpaca.

10/18/2005 1:17 PM  

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