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Ms. Knits: November 2005

Tuesday, November 29

Not feeling the love

Knitting has not been going very well lately. I've been trying to knit a little every day (when I say a little, I mean like a few rows, just to relax), but I'm just not feeling the love for anything that's on my needles these days. I started a modified Irish Hiking scarf on Sunday night with some Cascade 220 from my stash (it's a very small stash, and this was the only aran weight yarn I had). I'm thinking 220 is not the best yarn for this scarf. It's knitting up a little stiff and scratchier than I'd like for something around my neck. It looks good though. Sigh.

Verdict: Rip it, buy some softer yarn, and knit myself a quick scarf. [hey there, you other Irish Hiking Scarf knitters - what yarn did you use? what would be a good soft yarn for this scarf?]

Oh, and is it just me, or does this pattern look VERY similar to these Gap scarves? I'm pretty sure the Irish Hiking Scarf came first. Hmmmm...

Then there are my Koigu socks. Ever since I got this yarn, I've been dying to knit some socks with it. So I started. And then restarted. And restarted again. And here's where I'm at. I'm just not feeling it with these either. This pattern doesn't show off the yarn very well, and I'm really not enjoying working with the Brittany birch needles. They're really too short and fiddly. I much prefer sock knitting with the long, metal Addi dpns that Lynette gave me a while back. Although I've been wanting to try Magic Loop for socks. I have a size 1 32" Addi circ... will 32" work for magic loop?

Verdict: Rip it, use my never-fail stockinette sock pattern.

And then there's this bag, the Gallery Bag from Bags, A Knitter's Dozen. I started this a while ago. I love the colors, enjoy the pattern, but knitting from three balls of yarn at once is driving me nutso. The twisty silk is making me a little crazy too. And I'm not sure that I'll love the bag when its done. It might be a little too hip for me.

Verdict: Keep knitting, if I don't love it I can gift it to someone whose style is better suited for the bag.

Finally, poor neglected Snowflake. This is the only one of the projects I love unconditionally, but also the one that overwhelms me the most right now. It isn't a super fast knit, but it is fairly easy, and I've memorized the pattern already. It's just that after I get the back done, I still have to knit the front, sleeves, and collar. This is just not going to happen until March.

Verdict: Love it, keeping it, probably not working on it for a while - or should I? After all, it's about the only thing in my life not making me crazy right now.

Saturday, November 19

Baby blanket and baby hat

Finally, the baby blanket is done! It turned out well, don't you think?

And, because I had a whole skein of Encore left over, I decided to make a coordinating hat.

Baby blanket review:
Yarn - Plymouth Encore, 4 skeins (800 yards), color 793
Pattern - My own
Highlights - My first design
Lowlights - Boy, was this boring! (but, good to work on while listening to study materials on the iPod)

Here's the pattern for anyone who is interested:

Baby's First Blocks Blanket
Cast on 150 stitches using size 9 needles and worsted weight yarn. Gauge is not critical.

Rows 1-10: Knit

Pattern 1:
Rows 11-24: K5, *K10, P10* Repeat to last five stitches, K5. (14 rows total for pattern 1)

Pattern 2:
Row 25: K5, *[P1,K1] five times, K10* Repeat to last five stitches, K5
Row 26: K5, *P10, [K1,P1] five times* Repeat to last five stitches, K5
Repeat rows 25 & 26 6 more times (14 rows total for pattern 2).

Repeat pattern 1 and pattern 2 each 6 more times. Blanket will be 14 blocks by 14 blocks.

Knit 10 more rows in garter stitch. Cast off.

**Edited to fix a minor mistake in the pattern**

Wednesday, November 16

Life, by the numbers

2 - days of classes left in law school
6 - classes to attend total
3 - final exams before December 15
7 - rows left on the never-ending baby blanket (thanks to my trusty iPod, who played me some patent bar review materials while I knit.)
30 - days until I move home for good
15 - days until I take the patent bar
2 - big projects to finish at work before Thanksgiving
0 - number of hours I have studied for my law classes in the last two weeks
95 - approximate number of days until the bar exam
1 - girl who occassionally wonders why she started all of this in the first place

2 - times I've cast on for Koigu socks this week
2 - times I've ripped said socks
44 - number of stitches cast on size 1 needles for Crusoe socks, also number of stitches to cast on size 1 needles to make socks sized for a 5 year old

72 - number of stitches cast on for a ribbed sock instead of the Crusoe sock
64 - number of stitches I know is the right number to fit my foot
5 - number of DPNs in my hands when I fell asleep last night. ouch.
24 - hours of sales at Macy's in the next two days
0 - hours available to go shopping in the next three months
9 - number of items ordered from during class last week
2 - number of items that Gap actually shipped to me because the rest were out of stock (inventory management, anyone?)
1 - friend who I taught some knitting basics after class last Tuesday and last night, and who is now working on her first sweater!

Monday, November 7

A little knitting

This weekend, for the first time in two weeks, I had a chance to do a bit of knitting. I did 20 rows on the baby blanket, and started a purse from Bags: A Knitter's Dozen. Because, you know, I really need *another* project right now with all the other stuff I've got going on. I started it because what I really need right now is a quick project. Something I can finish and look at and say "hey, I actually finished something!" I'm hoping this purse is that project. I think it's about a third done after just a few hours of knitting, so the rest of it should go pretty quickly.

No knitting this week - I'm planning on some 12+ hour days in the office, plus school/studying. Ugh. Hopefully Friday comes soon... we are going to see Rob Thomas on Friday night. I love having things to look forward to when my week is otherwise looking miserable.

Have a great week!