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Ms. Knits: Answer to a Frieda question, and a random row counting tip

Friday, December 9

Answer to a Frieda question, and a random row counting tip

Rebecca left a comment on one of my Frieda posts today asking a pattern question:

"I couldn't understand part of the instructions, would appreciate if you can help me out. On the back, after the ribs are knitted, when the increase starts, I can't quite figure out what the book means by 'Cont in st st, inc in this way at each end of 5 foll 6th rows', can you explain what the '5 foll 6th row' mean? thanks again. "

Since Blogger comments are lame and give me no way to contact my commenters (sorry commenters!), I thought I'd post a response and hope that Rebecca sees it.

These instructions were not exactly clear to me the first time I read them either. What it really means is increase every 6th row, for a total of five more increase rows. Note that this means five increase rows in addition to the first increase row you have already knit.

So, here's what you have:

Row 1: First increase row (Right Side) [this is the first increase row in the instructions]
Row 2: Purl straight (Wrong Side)
Row 3: Knit straight (RS)
Row 4: Purl straight (WS)
Row 5: Knit straight (RS)
Row 6: Purl straight (WS)
Row 7: Increase row (RS) [1 of 5 additional increase rows]
Rows 8-12: Knit straight on RS rows, Purl straight on WS rows
Row 13: Increase row (RS) [2 of 5 additional increase rows]
Rows 14-18: Knit straight on RS rows, Purl straight on WS rows
Row 19: Increase row (RS) [3 of 5 additional increase rows]

Continue in this way until you have completed all 5 additional increase rows for a total of six increase rows. Count your stitches to make sure you have the right number when you get to the end of the increase section!

Here's a trick I use to keep track of the number of rows between increases so that I'm not constantly counting to keep track of what row I'm on... On the second stitch (or any stitch will do) of each increase row, I wrap a spare piece of contrasting yarn around one of the stitches to mark the row. I do this by holding the yarn in front of my knitting, passing the yarn between the needles from front to back before the stitch I want to wrap, knitting the stitch, and bringing the yarn between the needles back to the front of the work before knitting the next stitch.

I don't have a camera to show how to do this, but you can see my handy method of row counting in this picture:

It's kind of hard to tell, but each zig-zag of the contrast yarn marks a 4 row repeat for my Tivoli decreases. This is a lot easier than having to actually find your increases/decreases and count all of your rows as you work!

Rebecca, if you read this, please let me know if it helped. And commenters - I'd be happy to e-mail responses to comments, but Blogger won't let me... so sorry! If you leave your e-mail address in the comment itself (not in the field in the comment form), I'll be able to respond to your comment personally.


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