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Ms. Knits: KR Secret Pal Revealed - Part 2 (or, a very belated thank you!)

Wednesday, December 28

KR Secret Pal Revealed - Part 2 (or, a very belated thank you!)

This post is LONG overdue, as I opened the package over a week ago, but I have to say a great big, belated THANK YOU to the most awesome, generous, wonderful secret pal ever - Dani, of Yea, I Knit! As it turns out, Dani and I were each other's secret pals for the Knitter's Review bimonthly secret pal exchange! So, not only was Dani a gracious recipient of my gifts, she also did an amazing job of treating me to fun surprises every two months. Each package she sent was so thoughtful, I honestly could not have asked for a better secret pal.

My final reveal gift was amazing - two skeins of self-striping Lana Grossa sock yarn, one of wool in lovely shades of dark pinks and browns, and one of cotton (the same cotton as my stripey socks) in a fun sherbet colorway. As if that wasn't enough yarn, she also sent a bag (yes, an entire bag of 10 skeins, over 1000M!) of True Blue Cotton Denim Yarn in a cream color.

Um, Dani, when am I supposed to knit all of this up???

Also included in the package were some cute pins, two "C" notepads and a knitting themed notepad, a christmas decoration, some yummy scented soaps, and the coolest thing of all - Annie Modesitt's book "Knitting Millinery", which has patterns for 5 knit old-fashioned wire brimmed hats... very intriguing. That's one of the best things about secret pals - they send you fun things that you'd never have found on your own!

And, so concludes my secret pal experience. I had a lot of fun participating - both on the giving end and the receiving end - and am thrilled to have "met" Dani, an awesome gal whom I will likely remain friends with for a long time to come. In fact, my KR secret pal experience was so great, I think I'll conclude my participation in secret pal exchanges with that, and go out on a high note.

In other news, I haven't accomplished much knitting, and am still plugging away at the Irish Hiking scarf that is now a belated christmas gift for a good friend. Thankfully she's going through the same bar prep trauma that I am, so she understands my tardiness with her gift! I've been in classes most of the day on 8 out of the last 11 days, which is ironically more than I had class when I was in school. Homework takes up the majority of each evening, although I try to knit or read a chapter or two of a good book for a few minutes every night. (Carl Hiaasen is my favorite mindless, easy-read author of late - definitely check out Skinny Dip if you haven't already... it's hilarious!)


Blogger Stephanie said...

Wow. You had a great pal and received some wonderful gifts. I'm glad you're still knitting a bit and taking time to read for fun. Good luck making it through the review course.

12/29/2005 7:56 AM  

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