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Ms. Knits: Ode to procrastination

Thursday, December 8

Ode to procrastination

Because I don't particularly feel like studying for my exam tomorrow, you get to read this...

TEN random things you might not know about me.
1. My name is Cyndi, not Cynthia or Cindy. (creative parents - gotta love 'em!)
2. I prefer even numbers. I'm pretty extreme about it. I don't know what I would do if I ever got a license plate number that was odd. I'd have to buy a new car. My house number is odd, but I took that into consideration when we bought the house and I've come to terms with it.
3. I eat my pancakes with butter (no syrup), french toast with maple syrup, and waffles with blueberry or strawberry syrup
4. I stink at trivial pursuit because I don't know anything about sports, history, or pop culture. The only pie piece I ever get is science/technology.
5. I played the lead role in my elementary school musical when I was in 4th grade. That is the only time I have ever sung in public. I think I only got the part because I had all the lines memorized before the auditions.
6. I love doing brainteasers and puzzles, especially ones that involve math or logic
7. I've eaten duck tongue (yuck) & frog legs (yum)
8. I've taken classes in Spanish (2 years), Russian (2 years), and Indonesian (1 semester), but sadly am not fluent in any of them
9. My first car was an orange 1980 Buick Century. My friends nicknamed it "the Pimpmobile." It was a great car. Ugly, though. When I graduated from college, my sister inherited it from me.
10. The first time I ever went in the ocean I got caught in a riptide and almost drowned off of Kuta Beach in Bali. I ended up over 1km from the shore and was rescued by two surfers from Indonesia and one surfer from Australia.

NINE places I’ve visited:
1. Indonesia (Sumatra, Java, Bali)
2. Malaysia
3. Singapore
4. Seoul, South Korea (and the DMZ)
5. Taipei, Taiwan
6. Tokyo, Japan
7. Hong Kong
8. Shenzhen, China
9. Israel

EIGHT Ways to Win My Heart:
1. Cook me dinner. And clean up afterward.
2. Compliment me
3. Take me shopping
4. Be patient with me
5. Sing me a silly song
6. Scratch my leg with your paw and look up at me with your big puppy dog eyes, begging to be petted. (yeah, you've got to be a dog for this one)
7. Remember my particular breakfast requirements
8. Chocolate. Or flowers. Or both. :)

SEVEN Things I Want to Do Before I Die:
1. Become fluent in another language
2. Learn to play the piano
3. Travel to Europe and Australia and around the US
4. Live on an acreage in the country
5. Learn how to use my camera properly (i.e. not in auto mode all the time!)
6. Learn to SCUBA dive
7. Compete in a triathlon

SIX Things I'm Afraid Of:
1. Failing
2. Spiders
3. Woodticks
4. Having surgery of any kind
5. Being pregnant/experiencing childbirth
6. Needles

FIVE Things I Don't like:
1. Bad drivers
2. My toenails
3. Going shopping for jeans
4. Living 12 feet from my next door neighbor
5. Being stressed all the time

FOUR Ways to Turn Me Off:
1. Don’t be accountable for your actions
2. Talk down to me/assume that I'm stupid because I'm a girl
3. Be lazy
4. Be irresponsible

THREE Things I do Everyday:
1. Straighten my hair
2. Check my e-mail
3. Count the months/weeks/days/hours/minutes until I'm done with school and can move back home (8 days!!!!!!)

TWO Things that make me happy:
1. Finishing something that I've set out to do
2. Cuddling with my husband and/or my dogs

ONE Thing on my mind right now:
1. Why the heck did I take a Family Law class this semester? What a dumb idea. What was I thinking? My final is in 27 hours. I have no idea how I'm going to pass. I should probably start studying.


Blogger caitlyn said...

Hey Cyndi,
Good luck on your exam tomorrow. You're *almost* done!!
It's neat to learn more about you.

12/08/2005 6:48 PM  
Blogger Stephanie said...

You'll do fine - it's family law. Thanks for the great answers - I'm always happy to learn more about one of my favorite people.

12/09/2005 7:07 AM  
Anonymous Rox said...

'Cyndi' - I have soooo been spelling that wrong. Sorry!! You should of said something! My bad.

I want to learn to Scuba too - noone to take a class with though! You live wayyy too far away!

And Survivor Cindy. What a dope. Its a car or a million dollars. Uh, I think I'll take a shot at the million thankyouverymuch.



12/09/2005 7:22 AM  

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