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Ms. Knits: May 2006

Tuesday, May 2

Moving day!

I've moved to a new home on the web.

Please come visit me over at On Pins & Needles!

See you there!

The socks are in the mail!

I bet you've heard that line before, right? But really, they are. And I'm looking forward to getting my Sockapaloooza socks in a few days (hopefully!) too. I left it really open ended for my sock pal - no special requests at all - so I'm excited to see what arrives in my sock package.

On another note, you've all read about my many frustrations with Blogger. So, last night, I played around with Wordpress and my new domain. I've still got some work to do on it, but I'm hoping this is my LAST Blogger post. I may not post for a while, just to make this my last Blogger post!

For those of you who have used wordpress/themes/plugins before, I could sure use some tips... I'm muddling my way through everything, and haven't had any problems yet, but would appreciate any advice you're willing to share! What plugins do you recommend using? Any good image and/or gallery plugins? Tips for modifying themes? Is there a good basic primer on PHP that would be useful? (is that even necessary?) Any other advice?