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Ms. Knits

Tuesday, May 2

Moving day!

I've moved to a new home on the web.

Please come visit me over at On Pins & Needles!

See you there!

The socks are in the mail!

I bet you've heard that line before, right? But really, they are. And I'm looking forward to getting my Sockapaloooza socks in a few days (hopefully!) too. I left it really open ended for my sock pal - no special requests at all - so I'm excited to see what arrives in my sock package.

On another note, you've all read about my many frustrations with Blogger. So, last night, I played around with Wordpress and my new domain. I've still got some work to do on it, but I'm hoping this is my LAST Blogger post. I may not post for a while, just to make this my last Blogger post!

For those of you who have used wordpress/themes/plugins before, I could sure use some tips... I'm muddling my way through everything, and haven't had any problems yet, but would appreciate any advice you're willing to share! What plugins do you recommend using? Any good image and/or gallery plugins? Tips for modifying themes? Is there a good basic primer on PHP that would be useful? (is that even necessary?) Any other advice?

Sunday, April 30

Weekend? What weekend?

Where do the weekends go to? I had grand plans for everything I would get done this weekend, but didn't quite accomplish what I wanted.

- Finish sewing Weekender bag
- Finish knitting front of Salina sweater
- Plant tomato plants
- Plant flowers in back yard
- Go for a bike ride
- Set up new blog site

What really happened:
- Went for a bike ride (ow, sore rear end!)
- Took a nap
- Had friends over for an impromptu barbecue
- Knit a few rows on Salina
- Went shopping for summer clothes
- Pruned hedges
- Took another nap (anyone see a pattern here?)
- Laundry

I guess I got a lot done, and definitely had a good weekend, but I didn't make any crafty progress to speak of.

Just in time for the end of April's Project Spectrum, here are some poppy pictures that I took along the bike trail on Saturday morning. Enjoy!

Thursday, April 27


Move along, nothing new here. Just a test post to see if Bloglines fixed my feed. I have my doubts...

Tuesday, April 25

Backyard Leaves, among the backyard leaves

My wisteria tree is so pretty this time of year, I couldn't resist using it as the backdrop for my completed Backyard Leaves scarf.

I finished the scarf on Sunday evening, sewed the two halves together, and weaved in the ends. This project went really fast - one week from start to finish! Why can't every project be like this? I plan to give the scarf a light steam blocking before sending it off to the recipient, then it's time to start finishing my other projects before I become tempted to start something new.

Backyard Leaves in Review:
Pattern: Backyard Leaves from Scarf Style
Yarn: Karabella Aurora 8, in Periwinkle (24) [I think that's the right color]
Needles: Lantern Moon Rosewood, size 8, because I wanted to knit this on short straight needles, and those are the only ones I own!
Modifications: None
Thoughts: Have I mentioned that I adore this pattern? So simple, yet not at all boring to knit, and the end result is fabulous. The 20 row repeat isn't exactly memorizeable, although I only had to refer to the chart on a few of the rows that didn't intuitively follow the rest of the pattern (the two or three rows following the leaf tips)